Changing the way you interact with customers with Cognitive AI

Create innovative customer experiences with speech, visual, music APIs and solutions for on-prem and cloud



Imagine a world with closed caption

Want to host a better meeting, and conference? Want to get information across to your customers easier? With Speech-to-text api, you can display real-time caption as the speakers speak regardless it’s a solo show or a group of speakers. We custom make your very own business-specific terms to make sure the captions are displayed accurately.



Turns verbal conversation into searchable text

Ever want to recall what someone said in an important meeting/interview last week? Having a hard time refer back to the audio recorded earlier and search for a specific segment? With our Yating Transcriber App and Web Version (Coming soon), you can easily record, search and through continuous edit to make the recognition even more accurate for your domain usage.



Turns text into human-like voice

Voice can be a great assisted media format to make content consumption easier. It can also provide a better conversational interactive experience with your customers. With our text-to-speech api, you can easily turn any text into realistic, human-like voice for all your business needs.


More intelligent and interactive concierge service

Ever wish to live the life of Iron Man’s Tony Stark where everything is intelligent and you interact with any type of gadgets and machines with just your face and voice? Start from your company concierge service. Forget about leaving your IDs with the security. Combining our vision-recognition, speech-to-text and text-to-speech apis, visiting someone in the building can be super easy and fun.


The most natural way of identifying someone

Facial recognition uses biometrics to map facial features from a photograph or video just as you recognize a friend or family member. With facial recognition, you don’t need to juggle with different ID cards. Simply access places and objects with your face. Greeting your colleagues in the morning and keeping the kindergarten children or nursing house elders from missing can be made easy.


A better way to interact with music

As a music fan, you can do more than just listening to music. Let AI understands your preferences and compose the world’s one-and-only music piece for you. AI music aims to bring the joy of music creation to everyone, allowing all of us to express ourselves through personalised music.


Cloud, On-Prem

Comply to your business data protection policy and needs, we can deploy to cloud, on-prem or on-device.

Customize for Your Domain

Provide a more accurate spoken or converted text, you have the capability to build your custom dictionary.

Human-first Experience

Transform experience critical to your business from mobile to AI.

Improve Staff Productivity

Speed up your existing workflow.

Yating Transcriber

Yating Pianist